25 Best Gifts For Someone Who Loves to Travel

Gifts for someone who loves to travel
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25 Best Gifts For Someone Who Loves to Travel

If you are looking for the best gifts for someone in your life who loves to travel, you’re in the right place!

We all have people in our lives who love to travel, but they always seem to have everything already.

I am these people. Ha!

One of my love languages is gifts, so I am basically writing this for myself.

As someone who loves to travel, I rounded up the gifts that I would also use (or already use) and/or love, and that I think someone who loves to travel would really enjoy.

I thought of gifts that people who love to travel would actually use and things that are portable.

Nobody likes to pay extra baggage fees to bring things they don’t really need/

I already have a lot of the things on this travel gift guide, and I am excited to share!

Note that some of these are a bit different, aren’t physical things, and requires planning.

Gifts For Someone Who Loves To Travel: Compiled List Of All The Items Mentioned:

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Unique Gifts For The Hard To Buy For

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Keep scrolling through this 25 Best Gifts For Someone Who Loves Travel Guide to get more insight on each item.

Gifts for someone who loves to travel

1. Microfiber Towel

A microfiber towel is an awesome gift for a traveler. Even if you are not a traveler, you would love this.

Click here to purchase.

What is so special about this towel?

It’s lightweight, perfect for your carry-on or any day trips. We have all gone to the beach and had to carry used wet beach towels home. They take up so much space and get super heavy when wet. 

But not microfiber towel. It dries very quickly and is super absorbent. 

The part that is magic to me is the fact that, not only that it dries quickly, it also doesn’t smell and can be used multiple times daily.

My husband and I carried a couple of these while backpacking in Asia and put it inside our backpack. You would think it would stink up everything or it would get gross, but we did not need to wash it for about a week.

You need it, I promise. Other ways you can use it for:

  • Water parks
  • Gym
  • Lake trip
  • Yoga
  • Picnic
  • Hiking
  • Camping

2. Journal or a Planner

A planner or some type of journal would be perfect gifts for someone who loves to travel. 

Aside from taking pictures and videos, people who travel frequently also use journals to document their trips.

Click here to purchase the 2021 Doodle Planner.

Click here to purchase an alternative.

I personally am not a journaling person no matter how hard I have tried, BUT I bought this 2020 planner from Amanda Rach Lee’s shop, and I just love everything about it. 

I use it to write down ideas, things I am grateful for, and regular day to day stuff.

If you are not familiar with her, she does bullet journaling on Youtube. Because of her amazing doodles, art, and techniques, her subscribers (including me) fell in love with her work. 

Her Doodle Planner is her most popular item, but she also sells blank journals and washi tapes. The Doodle Planner is amazing because it is like a planner, a bullet journal, calendar, coloring book, and habit and mood tracker all in one.

You can certainly go and buy a much simpler and lighter journal, but the Doodle Planer’s quality is unmatched and something a travel lover would certainly use.

3. Plane Ticket

What else does a travel lover like more than anything? Travel. Duh

This is one of the best gifts for someone who loves travel in my opinion. Of course, this takes more planning and probably better if the person you are giving a plane ticket to is aware that you are doing this.

Better yet, plan a whole trip instead of just giving a plane ticket if you have the means.

An easier way is to give them money to go towards one of the trips they are planning. Any travel lover would appreciate that.

4. Plan Activities

Travelers love to experience new things, places, and cultures. 

As much as giving them physical things is so tempting (and not at all a bad thing), it’s a good idea to give them an experience as a present!

Here are some ideas:

  • Wine tasting/liquor tasting
  • Food tasting
  • City tour
  • Skydiving
  • Scavenger hunt 
  • A boat day
  • Homemade 3 course meal
  • A movie night and try out a new restaurant for takeout
  • A surprise day trip or weekend trip to a place they have never been to
gift for someone who travels frequently
hydro flask

5. Water Bottle

This is so basic, but a quality water bottle is so beneficial when traveling. First of all everyone drinks water, and you can never have too many bottles.

They are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and always necessary.

Click here to purchase a Nalgene water bottle.

Click here to purchase a Hydro Flask water bottle.

My personal favorite is the Nalgene bottles. I know everyone is a fan of Hydro Flasks, but I don’t like that it could get damaged easily when you drop it.

In addition, only true water drinkers will attest to this: room temperature water is the best water.

Change my mind, I dare you. 

Water bottles are simple inexpensive gifts for someone who loves to travel.

It would make a good stocking stuffer.

Gifts for someone who loves to travel

6. Packing Cubes

Not the be dramatic, but packing cubes changed my life and whoever you give them to will also change their life.

Click here to purchase.

Packing cubes are perfect for overpackers, the ones who insist on packing a million outfits for a weekend trip.

These might be a foreign concept for some people, but they are basically smaller bags that help you organize and compress clothes and whatever else you are packing for your trip. 

Packing cubes help maximize space, which gives you more room to bring other things.

I do not ever travel without them after taking them to my 3 month backpacking trip in Asia. They are a must have.

Gifts for someone who loves to travel
Wooden Map
Travel tattoo
gifts for someone who travels frequently
Gifts for someone who loves to travel

7. Anything Map Related

Travelers love maps.

Actual maps, posters, tattoos, mugs, pictures, paintings, graphics, journals with map covers, you name it.

This one is self-explanatory, so here are some of my favorite map items:

eddie bauer backpack review
great gift for travelers
gifts for people who love to travel
gifts for a travel lover
Madewell backpack

8. Backpack

Backpacks are a travel lover staple and would make the perfect gift. However, everyone has different styles, different ways they travel, and different needs.

Some people (like me) care most about durability and usability of the product, while others care more about the look.

Some travelers need it more for work and want something that is more professional and not loud.

Here are different types of backpacks for different people:

Asheboro North Carolina Getaway

9. A Stay at Getaway House

Give your traveler friend the gift of rest by booking them a stay in a Getaway House Cabin.

Click here to book your Getaway.

Getaway House is a perfect gift for a travel lover friend who is overly stimulated, worked, or maybe someone who is tired of traveling and wants some peace and quiet.

Read my in-depth review here. Don’t forget to use the discount code CARRYONBABE at check out to get $25 off your stay

Gift for a travel lover

10. Weekender Bag

I would not be called Carryon Babe if I don’t recommend some type of carryon or weekender bag.

My husband and I both own one from Target, which is not available anymore. 

Click here to purchase something similar.

You will notice that some of the things I recommend do not exist anymore because I have had them for a long time.

I tend to stick to the things that work for me and own them until they break. I don’t replace things unless I have to.

We have had these bags for several years now, and they are surprisingly high quality for Target.

Weekender bags are perfect for weekend trips and short-day trips. 

samsonite luggage review

11. Luggage

If you have a friend who is a true jetsetter, their luggage is probably very well used. It would be good idea to buy them a brand new one.

Click here to purchase.

I have always used and trusted the Samsonite brand for years. I own two of their luggage and have no complaints.

A lot of people like the hard case luggage, but I have never had a good experience with them. All of the ones I have had in the past have cracked and the wheels would fall out or break off.

With the non-hard case luggage, you can also fit more things in my opinion.

Door locks travel

12. Doorstop

This is something that travelers should have but usually don’t. 

Click here to purchase.

Having a doorstop is beneficial for safety reasons because you never really know what could happen, especially if you are traveling alone.

Not to get all cautious and dark, but a doorstop is another safety measure to have if someone ever tries to break your door locks to get in your room.

Thankfully, this is something that hasn’t happen to me, but it certainly could happen.

Gifts for someone who loves to travel

13. Hammock

A hammock is great gift for friends who loves backpacking, camping, and hiking.

Click here to purchase. 

But let’s be honest, not only that this would be an amazing gift for someone who loves to travel, but also perfect for nap lovers. 

You can bring them everywhere because they are lightweight, portable, and good for relaxing, reading a book, and napping.

You can even be somewhere in the tropics and strap it around two coconut trees. 

I have even seen people use them inside hostels. You can strap it around bunk beds or any random poles (anywhere you want really. You do you, boo).

The possibilities are endless.

Fun travel gifts for men

14. Packraft

A packraft is for your next level friend who is a hardcore adventurer. 

Click here to purchase.

I am always jealous when I see people use these while rafting in an alpine lake.  

Sure you can buy an actual kayak or a boat, but where is the fun in that?

Packrafts allow you to relax and float away on a lazy river and explore lakes or paddle your way through hard rapids. Such a fun thing to add on hikes and other nature trips.

north face raincoat

15. Raincoat

If you had to pick one physical item from this list, I would highly recommend a nice North Face raincoat. I own one, and I have had it for over 15 years, no joke.

Like I said, I bought mine over 15 years ago, but below is something similar.

Click here to purchase.

I have brought this raincoat to almost every country I have traveled to. 

A nice North Face raincoat is an investment, but one of the best gifts for someone who loves to travel.

It’s a quality raincoat, so it is not one of those cheap $1 ponchos that you wear once and falls apart.

This type of raincoat can also double as a jacket if you do not have room in your carryon. I cannot rave about this raincoat enough.

One time, I used my raincoat as a makeshift sarong, so that I could enter one of the temples in Cambodia. True story. I was wearing shorts, and they wouldn’t let me in unless my legs were covered (see the picture above).

My North Face raincoat saved the day. 

Gifts for someone who loves to travel

16. Tripod

I wish someone had gifted me this tripod a long time ago. I did not know that something like this existed until 2020.

Click here to purchase.

It would’ve saved me time, the cardio, the hassle, and all the embarrassment from balancing my phone on a trash can or against some type of stable wall, setting up my timer and booking it back and forth to pose for a picture. 

I would do this over and over until I get the right picture. By the time I have gotten the right picture, I would’ve lost about 500 calories from running.

Anybody who loves to travel would love this gift because it makes taking pictures with your phone so much easier because the remote connects to Bluetooth.

Timer? I don’t know her. 

This tripod is also so clutch when you are traveling with a group. Say goodbye to awkward too close to the face selfies.

Any travel lover needs this in their life.

17. International Snack Subscription

Who doesn’t love snacks? You should gift your travel lover friend with an international snacks subscription.

You can gift someone a 1, 3, 6- or 12-months subscription.

What makes Universal Yums even better is that these snacks are from all over the world. 

Through their subscription service, you get snacks from a different country delivered monthly.

They come with a variety of sweet and savory snacks. 

In addition, the box comes with a booklet with trivia, recipes, and more.

This is such a perfect gift for your travel lover friends because it is such a nice surprise, and they get to try different snacks without actually traveling.

As someone who loves to travel, can someone give this for me as one of my gifts. Please and thank you.

Click here to purchase.

Gifts for someone who loves to travel

18. Sunglasses

You can’t really go wrong with giving a travel lover a pair of sunglasses as a gift. 

Sunglasses are so easy to misplace and lose.

Click here to purchase.

They are always needed whether you’re in a luxurious vacation or backpacking somewhere in the Pacific North West. 

I own and love a couple of sunglasses from WearMe Pro.

They have high quality sunglasses, but good for the wallet.

best gifts for travelers

19. Makeup Bag

You can never go wrong with giving a travel lover a makeup bag as a gift. There are many out there, but this is the specific one that I use.

Click here to purchase.

The different compartments and pockets make a huge difference in organizing all the little makeup products and toiletries.

This also comes with a hook, so when you get to wherever you’re staying, you can keep it open and hang it in the bathroom.

The color and design are added bonus because they are so cute.

best gifts for travelers
Best gifts for traveler

20. Hiking Shoes

Another good investment and present for someone who loves to travel is hiking shoes. 

If you have a travel lover friend, chances are they probably also hike a lot. 

Unfortunately, I can’t find the specific Cabelas that I own, but here is something similar.

I also can’t find the exact Adidas hiking shoes that I have, but here is something similar.

I love my Cabelas because they are so versatile. I sometimes wear them just for a casual day and not necessarily for hiking. They are comfortable, have great ankle support, and I don’t mind getting them dirty because of the color.

My other pair are from Adidas.

To be honest, I bought these because of the fun color, but similar to the Cabelas, they have great ankle support and I love hiking in them.

Whichever pair you go with, I am sure that your traveler friend would appreciate it!

fun travel gifts for women

21. Walking Shoes

Travelers walk A LOT. Why not give them comfortable shoes?

Click here to purchase.

I see a lot of people walk in converses when traveling, which makes me so confused because I think that chucks are the most uncomfortable shoes ever. Love them though. But I wouldn’t wear them if I know that I’ll be walking a lot.

Anyway, you did not come here to read about me complaining about converses. 

Back to the best gifts for people who love to travel!

My favorite shoes for walking are Adidas NMDs.

If you have never worn this particular pair, you really should try because they feel like you’re walking on clouds.

My husband and I wore them when traveled to Europe and Asia. You will thank me later.

22. Cooking Class

A cooking class is a perfect gift for someone who loves to travel because it is something that you can do with them! Even better if they are a foodie.

My best friend gifted me a cooking class last year, and it is still one of my favorite memories and gifts.

There are many options out there. If you are not aware, Airbnb experiences also provides virtual cooking classes if you prefer that.

gift for a travel lover

23. Multi Spice Kit

You heard that right. A spice kit that you can pack for traveling. 

This Multi Spice Kit is the perfect gift for your friends who love traveling and cooking. 

Click here to purchase. 

When you are traveling and renting an Airbnb, you would be lucky if the place has complete spices. 

Most accommodations only provide you with salt and pepper if you are lucky.

Say goodbye to bland ass food and say hello to flavorful meals for your travels.

instax mini 11

24. Instax Mini

The Instax Mini is so awesome. 

I do not think they are necessarily for travelers, but they are great gifts to help someone make instant memories (including those who love traveling).

Click here to purchase.

The process of taking a picture, and seeing the picture get developed instantly is so much fun to see. 

They come in all sorts of colors and sizes. The Instax Mini is also super portable, lightweight, and would make the perfect gift for a travel lover.

An idea would be take polaroid pictures around the globe from traveling and sticking them onto a map. That would be so cute.

I did recommend maps on this list, so you can even do an Instax Mini + map combo.

wireless portable printer

25. Portable Photo Printer

If you are not sold on the Instax Mini, you can go another route and buy your friend a wireless photo printer.

Click here to purchase.

Technology is so amazing right? No more transferring your photos to your laptop to transfer them to a USB. Then you used to have to go to Fedex or CVS to get your photos printed. I know most people still have to do that.

But now this amazing option exists.

This photo printer allows you to turn the pictures from your phone or tablet into physical photos.

This would be ideal for a traveler who likes scrapbooking and keeping physical memories of their travel photos.

Did you enjoy this 25 Gifts For Someone Who Loves To Travel Guide? I hope was helpful for you. Need to save this list for later? Pin it on Pinterest board.

best travel gifts for women
best gifts for travelers

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  1. YOU HAD ME AT PLANE TICKET. Hahahah but seriously these were great ideas! The door stopper especially – they are so sooo useful but most travelers don’t have one, even well-seasoned travelers (like myself lol). So hint hint, if you’re looking to gift me something…

  2. Agree on the microfiber towel and packing cubes, we’be bought them a few years ago and can’t travel without them anymore. Same for a waterbottle and yes a true water lovers wants the water room temperature!

  3. Great list! I have the same microfiber towel and packing cubes are a must! Love the idea of gifting a plane ticket or cooking class!!

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