Getaway House Cabin Review: Is It Worth It?

Getaway House North Carolina Asheboro
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Getaway House Cabin Review- North Carolina Location

If you are curious about staying in a Getaway House Cabin, look no further because I take you through a super in depth review.

Thank you to Getaway for sponsoring my stay with my best friend. 

Although Getaway House sponsored us, this review is based on my unbiased honest thoughts and opinions about the experience.

Visiting Raleigh, North Carolina? Here are some things you can do in the city. Let’s get to the Getaway House Cabin review, shall we?

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission if you click a link and book your stay. Please use our Disclosure Policy for more details.

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fall in raleigh north carolina

What Are Getaway House Cabins?

If a modern tiny house, cabin, minimal style hotel, pod, and a campervan had a baby, it would look like the Getaway House Cabins.

There are typically 30+ tiny cabins in an Outpost. There are ones that can accommodate up to 2 people and some that can accommodate up to 4.

Each cabin is about 140-200 square feet and comes with “everything you need and nothing you don’t.”

One of the most striking unique features of the cabin is the large window that provides you with a movie like view of nature. The bed in each cabin is placed right next to the window.

Waking up next to this window was honestly the best thing ever and improved my mood right away. Don’t worry, there are pull down blackout shades if you want shade and privacy, especially at night.

Getaway House Cabins

What is Getaway's Goal?

The millennial owner of Getaway House came up with the idea from his own experience. As a Harvard graduate, he was busy chasing the next big thing and experienced burnout pretty early on, during his career (at 25 years old to be exact).

He wanted for people to have an escape to “get away” from it all.

If you are living in the city, the stress of life, social media, technology, money, people, work, and right now as I write this in 2020—the pandemic, can all be too much.

With the news and social media bombarding us with so much information 24/7, Getaway House is a place of peace, quiet, and total disconnection in the heart of nature.

Getaway House Outpost Asheboro North Carolina

The Details

Getaway’s Director of Construction, a New England Native, designed the cabins and drew inspiration from his experience traveling in sailboats and living in tiny spaces.

Thus, the idea of getting more with less while being intimate with nature is a recurring theme throughout Getaway.

The cabin design, though a small space, is efficient because everything is tidy, had its own place, and purpose. There is nothing in it that you do not need. It gives a whole new meaning to tiny but mighty.

Here are some of my favorite details:

Reading lights

You know those personal lights on an airplane? You turn it on and only illuminates the space that you take up. It is perfect if you ever want to work, read, or just see better. Those lights do not blind or disturb the person next to you.

The lights above the bed in the cabin are built just like that! There is one for each side of the bed.

Huge window
Though the cabins are small, the huge window opens the space and brings in so much sunlight. If we are being real here, the aesthetic gives you “adventurer, minimalistic, nature lover, indie vibes.” Who doesn’t want that?

As a traveler, I have stayed in a myriad of hotels, hostels, and other kinds of accommodation you can think of.

You heard it from here: The water pressure of the shower was the best one I have ever experienced. It was like legit powerful rainwater.

I want to caution everyone though. The hot water in the shower only lasts for about 3 minutes, so I couldn’t enjoy the hot water fully. That was the only unfortunate part among all the amazing things that you get with the cabin. My biggest guess is this was intentionally done to encourage you to conserve water. We’re just being real with this Getaway House Cabin Review.

You would think that you would feel cramped in this tiny container, but there’s plenty of storage above the kitchen cabinets and under the bed.

Realistically, you don’t necessarily have to bring much because Getaway provides you with everything that you need.

Getaway House Cabins
Getaway House cabin review
autumn cabin trip

How Far Are Each Cabin From Each Other?

Getaway House Cabins are built for social distancing even before the pandemic.

  • Each cabin is far away from each other
  • There are no communal places for guests to gather
  • Contactless check-in (described in the next section)
  • The staff are trained on safe Covid-19 processes including cleaning and disinfecting the cabins twice as long to make sure that everything is deeply clean and ready for the next set of guests
  • All staff are provided with PPE which includes masks and gloves, especially when entering each cabin to clean
  • You can call and text the staff if you need anything
  • Provisions for purchase are placed inside the cabin and logs and fire starter are located close to your picnic table.

Please click here for more in-depth details of what they are doing in response to the pandemic.

Getaway House Cabins

How Was The Contactless Process Like?

 Check in is at 3:00 pm and checkout is at 11:00 am

  • A week before your check in date, you get a text message from Getaway informing you that they have sent you an email about what you need to know about your Getaway stay, and you are encouraged to text them for any questions.
  •  The morning of your stay, they will let you know that check in is at 3:00 pm, send you a link of the Outpost map for you to download in case you lose service, and the address.
  • At 2:30 pm (30 minutes before check-in), they will send you the exact name of your cabin, your code, and the address.
  • They discourage guests to check in before 3:00 pm to allow them to clean properly in accordance with their strict Covid-19 procedures.
  •  For any questions during your stay, you can call or text them.
getaway house cabin

Who Should and Shouldn't Stay at Getaway House Cabins?

Literally anyone who wants to get away and wants some peace and quiet should experience Getaway House.

According to Getaway, most people only stay for 1-2 nights, and the cabins are not really meant for long extended stays (unless you really need it).

People that come to mind who should stay at Getaway House:

  • Overworked/stressed people
  • Someone who needs to escape from reality
  • Someone who is having a tough time
  • Someone who lives in the city and wants to be in the middle of nature 
  • A person who needs space to think and process their feelings
  • Someone who loves nature
  • Someone who isn’t necessarily an outdoorsy person, but want to experience the outdoors in a not too outdoorsy way. (You know what I mean)
  • Parent(s) who need time away from their children
  • Someone who wants to breathe some fresh oxygen
  • Solo travelers
  • Someone who loves to read and get lost in their thoughts and imagination

You Should Not Stay at Getaway House Cabins If:

  • You are bringing a group of more than 4 people
  • You want to socialize with other guests
  • You want to party it up and plan on making a lot of noise
  • You need Wi-Fi
  • You don’t want to be off the grid
tiny house cabin in the woods

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Outpost Locations

I stayed in the Outpost in North Carolina which was in the city of Asheboro (1 hour and a half from Raleigh and Charlotte). It is one of their newest Outpost locations.

Other Getaway House Cabins are located in the following locations:

  • Atlanta (Suches)
  • Austin + San Antonio (Wimberley)
  • Boston (Epsom)
  • Charlotte + Raleigh (Asheboro)
  • Dallas (Larue)
  • Houston (Navasota)
  • Los Angeles (Running Springs)
  • New York (Catskills East and West)
  • Pittsburgh + Cleveland (Lisbon)
  • Portland (Glenwood)
  • Washington DC (Standardsville)

The Outposts are located near the largest cities in the US since Getaway House highlights giving urbanites an escape from the bustling fast pace life in the city. The drive is typically less than two hours away.

Getaway House Cabins


The Outpost, where my best friend and I stayed, was in Asheboro, North Carolina. (1 hour and a half from Raleigh and Charlotte).

As someone who has lived in North Carolina for more than 13+ years, I know that there was really nothing in Asheboro aside from the zoo.

…which is why it ended up being so perfect. You know that Getaway thoughtfully chose this location to pull you away from all the establishments, people, and civilization while also thinking about the convenience of the location.

You do not have to drive too far away from the city to get away from it all.

Parking in the Getaway House Outpost

Thank you to one of my friends who asked me this later on since I forgot to add in my Getaway House Cabins review. Where the heck do you park your car?

You literally just park your car right beside your Getaway House Cabin! Easy peasy. There is an overflow parking as well, but there would really be no reason to use that since there is plenty of space where your own cabin will be located. 

getaway house north carolina review

What Amenities Are Included?

Honestly, the better question is what is NOT included? Because the cabin includes everything you need. It’s also another reason why I mentioned how it’s like a hotel but not really.

  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Queen size bed (Zinus Memory Foam Mattress)
  • Bathroom and private shower
  • Speaker (Bluetooth and aux cord connection)
  • Mini dining table/desk
  • Storage above the kitchen cabinets and below the bed
  • Hanging hooks
  • Small mirror (this was hard to find, but it was in one of the cabinets)
  • Kitchen with a two-burner stove
  • Drinking water
  • Mini Fridge (good space for 2-3 nights worth of food)
  • Plates, bowls, cups, mugs, spatulas, utensils
  • Pot, pan, mixing bowl, and kettle
  • Cutting board
  • Knives and scissors
  • Can opener, bottle opener, and corkscrew
  • Lighters
  • Paper towels and dish soap
  • Kitchen towels
  • Dog water bowl
  • Trash bags
  • Dustpan and broom
  • Salt, pepper, and olive oil
  • Coffee creamer and sugar
  • Lock box to put away your phone
  • Hot shower
  • Towels, wash cloth, and toilet paper
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
  • Keyless door lock
  • Firepit, grilling grate, a picnic table, bucket and Adirondack chairs
  • Books, games, and cards

Not included (which we made sure to bring with us):

  • Hand soap
  • Hair dryer
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Foil
  • Tupperware
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tongs
  • Bug Spray
  • Seasonings aside from salt and pepper (the seasonings below are mine)
Getaway House amenities north carolina
Getaway House amenities kitchenette

Can You Request Additional Toiletries And Other Cabin Needs?

Yes, there is staff on site 24/7, and you are able to reach them by text or by the landline phone in your cabin.

They ask they you make your requests no later than 8pm.

We texted them for some additional bath wash, soap, conditioner, and dishwashing soap (free of charge). 

One of the staff responded right away, drove to our outpost, and dropped off what we requested within a couple of minutes while practicing social distancing. Staff wore a facemask and everything in Getaway is perfectly designed to respect all Covid-19 procedures.

You will only see a Getaway staff if you request something since they do contactless check in and check out, but you will be on your own for the most part.

Getaway House Toilet
Getaway House Shower
getaway house review
Getaway House provisions for purchase

What Can Be Purchased On Site?

The things you can purchase might vary slightly depending on where you are, but the North Carolina Outpost had the following Provisions:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Oatmeal
  • Soup
  • Jerky
  • Pasta
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Cookies
  • Candy
  • Insect Wipes
  • Firewood
  • Fire Starter

*You can order a Sustenance Box for $30 while booking, or at any time before or during your stay. Please contact

autumn vibes nc

What Can You Do During Your Stay?

Depending on where your Outpost is located, Getaway provides a link and a hard copy of  a list of things you can do around the area including hiking, restaurants, breweries, and other attractions.

We personally only walked around the outpost because we wanted to make most of the time we had there. We walked around the pond and a short trail near our Getaway House Cabin.

We wanted to maximize all the relaxation and quietness as much as we could because this is something that we rarely get at home.

My favorite thing is being able to stargaze! Like other campsites, since there it’s completely dark at night without all the city lights, it was so nice to be able to see the stars.

If you are wondering about things you can do when you go back to Raleigh, click here for some ideas.

cellphone lockbox Getaway house

Are There Accessible Cabins?

Yes, there are accessible cabins at certain outposts. Please email to request an accessible cabin as you currently do not have the ability to specify during booking.

Are Getaway House Cabins Pet Friendly?

Hell to the yeah! Dogs are allowed, but cats are not. They also provide dog bowls in your cabin.

getaway house cabin review

Is There Wi-Fi Or Signal?

No, there is no Wi-Fi. Since Getaway encourages you to disconnect and live minimally during your stay. Their main goal is to help you recharge and care for your mental health.

There is some signal, which allows you to contact the staff by phone or text.

You might completely lose signal at one point, but we did not completely lose signal from our experience.

Getaway House Carolyn

Did You Feel Safe?

Absolutely. Staff are available 24/7, and there is an emergency phone located in the cabin which can also call 911.

Getaway also puts emphasis on not leaving any food out to avoid animals and making sure to put out campfires to avoid forest fires.

In any case there is a fire ban, Getaway will let you know.

Getaway Asheboro
Asheboro North Carolina

What I Packed

Our stay was during mid-October in North Carolina. The weather was in the high 70’s during the day and low 40’s at night.

I also overpacked a bit because I was not sure how cold it was going to get.

  • Food for 2 nights (see details in the next section)
  • 2 Hoodies
  • 1 Jean Sherpa jacket
  • 3 Underwear
  • Bralettes 
  • 3 Leggings
  • 1 Sports bra
  • 1 Tank top
  • 1 Shirt
  • 2 Shorts
  • 1 Dress (did not wear)
  • 1 Knit sweater (did not wear)
  • Sleep clothes
  • Hiking boots
  • Socks
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Chucks
  • Camera 
  • Phone and camera chargers
  • Foil 
  • Ziplock bags (highly recommend you bring this for your leftovers)
  • Cutting board
  • Skewers
  • Foil
  • Seasonings- very important for me at least 😉
  • Speaker (did not end up using this since Getaway had one)
  • Flowers for the extra vibes 
  • Toiletries (they provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and towels)
  • Water bottle
  • Sunglasses
Mediterranean kabobs recipe
camping sausages green pepper onions

Our Meals

I definitely panicked and bought way too much food for two people. A lot of it, you should already have at home.

Grocery List:
1. Wine
2. Seasonings (salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, parsley, basil, chili powder, garlic powder, and red pepper flakes)
3. Eggs
4. Yogurt
5. Tea
6. Milk
7. Green pepper
8. Red pepper
9. Red onion
10. Mushrooms
11. Spinach
12. Sausage buns
13. Spaghetti pasta
14. Pasta Sauce
15. Fresh basil (from my basil plant)
16. Parmesan cheese
17. Italian sausage
18. Ground beef
19. Chicken tenderloins
20. Greek yogurt
21. Skewers
22. Oil (already provided in the cabin, but wanted to bring extra)
23. Marshmallows
24. Graham Crackers
25. Hershey Chocolates
26. Chips
27. Crackers
28. Fruits
29. More chocolates
30. Cheeses
31. Cold meats


  • Omelets with spinach, mushroom, and red onion
  • Yogurt
  • Tea + milk


  • Italian sausage with peppers, caramelized onions, in sausage buns


Night 1

  • Spaghetti Night
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Fresh basil (from my basil plant)
  • Onion
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Ground beef
  • Mushrooms

Night 2

  • Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs
  • Greek yogurt
  • Seasonings (salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, cumin, parsley)
  • Chicken tenderloins
  • Skewers
  • Oil
  • Green Pepper
  • Red Pepper
  • Red Onion
  • Mushrooms


  • Smores
  • Chips
  • Fruits
  • Chocolates
  • Cheeses
  • Cold meat

Getaway House Cabins Review

My Personal Thoughts: Getaway House Cabin Review

I am so thankful for Getaway House for sponsoring my stay and I have nothing, but great things to say. I really hope this Getaway House Cabin review has helped with giving you an option for a quiet place to escape. So worth it!

Our world looks so different now, and 2020 has been nothing but full of uncertainties, anxiety, grief, confusion, and fear.

This all stems from the pandemic, election, racial injustice, environmental catastrophes, deaths, the economy, and political pressures along with whatever personal problems we are dealing with.

Of course, there are great things that happened in 2020, but for me, I have felt like I was constantly holding my breath this year waiting for the next bad thing to happen.
Getaway allowed me to breathe out and to let go. I forgot that we were in the middle of a pandemic for a moment.

I read, I cried, I felt my lungs breathe in and out, I ate, I laughed with my best friend, I sat, I laid in bed, I dreamed, I stayed still. 

Every little detail, the concept, the design of the cabins, the convenience, the staff, and the vision for Getaway were all so intentional. You could tell the immense amount of work, planning, and execution to grow a company like this. 

Getaway is an innovative company that truly caters to the overworked and overstimulated people in this capitalistic and flashy world that we now live in.

Somehow, they were able to give people an escape without all the useless bells and whistles, while providing comfort and safety.

What are you waiting for? Book Your Stay Now.

It’s worth every penny. It’s a quiet adventure you never knew you needed in your life.

If you still can’t tell, this is quiet a positive review of Getaway House Cabins.

autum vibes nc

Outside of the Getaway House Outpost

The Table Asheboro North Carolina

The Table

We left Raleigh at around half past noon and arrived in Asheboro at 2:00 pm. We stopped by The Table for lunch since we still had an hour to kill before check in.

The original building where The Table is now was built back in 1925, and you could tell the owners tried to preserve as much as they could.

The Table serves a coffee, desserts, and lunch.

It was recommended by Getaway since it is 15 minutes from the Outpost.

I did not expect much from this place, but all I could say was wow. The moment you walk in, you’d feel like Joanna and Chip Gaines threw up all over this place.

Modern farmhouse vibes. And the food. OH EM GEE. Amazing.

The whole time we were eating, we just couldn’t believe how delicious and fresh everything was.

The Table Asheboro North Carolina
The Table Asheboro North Carolina

Did you enjoy this Getaway House Cabin review and ready to book? Use the promocode CARRYONBABE at check out to get $25 off your booking.

I hope this in-depth review of this Getaway House Cabin is helpful! What do you think of the concept? Have you stayed in cabins similar to this? Where is your next adventure?

Save this Getaway House Cabin Review to read later!

Getaway House Cabin review

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