50 Black Indigenous and POC-Owned Small Businesses

Black indigenous and POC-owned small businesses
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50 Black Indigenous and POC-Owned Small Businesses That You Need to Check Out

If you are looking to shop Black Indigenous and POC-owned businesses, you have come to the right place.

Due to business closures from the pandemic, small businesses have suffered tremendously. I have gathered a list of Black Indigenous and POC-owned businesses that you should check out.

I know it is so easy to go to a multi-billion dollar company like Amazon and get something delivered within two days.

But we’re better than that. I encourage all of you to also spend your money towards BIPOC-owned businesses. 

What is BIPOC?

BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Why Support Black Indigenous and POC-Owned Small Businesses?

Black Indigenous and POC communities are heavily affected and marginalized daily. 

BIPOCs face racism and oppression in all aspects of their lives especially in the business world.

In addition, Black people in general have also been disproportionally affected by the pandemic and have the highest Covid-19 mortality rates.

This is due to poverty, lack of access to healthcare, and other socioeconomic and health barriers.

As of the end of 2020, 20% off small businesses have officially closed down.

By spending your money on Black Indigenous and POC-Owned small businesses, the goal is to move the spending power away from big businesses and corporations into the communities that often marginalized and overlooked.

When you support a BIPOC-owned small business, you are:

  • investing in a person and that person’s family and livelihood
  • investing in the entrepreneurship and the survival of the BIPOC community
  • helping to create jobs for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color
  • helping to close the racial wage gap

How To Support Black Indigenous and POC-Owned Small Businesses?

You’re probably asking yourself, how can I support support Black Indigenous and POC-owned small businesses?

Easy. Instead of buying from large corporations like Walmart:

  • Buy from your friends, family, and relatives. There are so many. You probably have friends making their own soap products, selling their art, and baking homemade cookies. Support them and do not ask for a discount. Pay in full plus tax.
  • Think of things that you already use, and ask yourself which ones can be bought from a BIPOC-owned small business. Are you a tea or coffee drinker? Instead of buying from Starbucks, buy coffee beans from a black-owned seller. Instead of using big name products for your hair, explore BIPOC brands that might be available.
  • Look up popup markets in your area. That is where small businesses have the opportunity to sell and market their products
  • Research BIPOC specific events and popups. Where I live, we have a Black Farmers Market bimonthly. If you happen to live in North Carolina, here are things to do in Raleigh.
  • Buy from BIPOC small businesses online
  • Ask your friends, family, and people on your social media for specific companies
  • We have so many resources right on fingertips–google, instagram, etc.
  • You can also use Amazon to look up shops, but instead of buying through Amazon, buy directly from the shop’s website
  • Make it fun! This is an opportunity to learn about new products

How To Support Black Indigenous and POC-Owned Small Businesses For Free?

If for some reason you can’t afford to buy from Black Indigenous and POC-Owned Small Businesses -owned small businesses, you can:

  • Talk about them to your friends and family. Sharing is caring
  • Share BIPOC-owned small businesses on social media
  • Reach out to these businesses and ask how you can help
  • Subscribe to their email list and content

List Of Black Indigenous and POC-Owned Small Businesses That You Need To Check Out

Black Indigenous and POC-Owned Small Businesses: Jewelry And Accessories

1. Crafts By Ceci

Handmade jewelry; based in New Mexico.

2. Heartmade Ear Hugs

Acrylic earrings; based in California

3. Isla Bags

Handwoven bespoke bags from the Philippines; based in Florida

4. Jessica Necor Studio

Bags + accessories with original handprinted textiles + leather; based in Oregon

5. Lo And Sons

Travel bags; based in California and New York.

6. Sin Miedo By Melissa Betancur

Homemade clay earrings, based in Virginia.

7. Nina Gabbie Designs

Handmade scrunchies and hair accessories; based in North Carolina.

8. Oanixa

Handmade earrings; based in New Mexico.

9. Potty Mouth Jewelry

Hand stamped and engraved jewelry and gifts with sass; based in Virginia

BIPOC-Owned Small Businesses: Clothing

10. Brother Vellies

Sustainable handcrafted clothing from artisans in places like Nairobi; based in New York

11. Dear Octobur

Minimalist children’s clothing; based in North Carolina

12. Isla And Kai

Sustainable washable & reusable anti-microbial face masks; based in New York

13. Lucy Lue Organics

Organic baby clothes; based in Georgia

14. Sobrino Boutique

Trendy clothing store; based in Puerto Rico

15. State of Myne

Curated clothing boutique; based in North Carolina

16. Toshiki Girl

Japanese pop culture-inspired apparel; based in California

BIPOC-Owned Small Businesses: Food and Beverage

17. Adjourn Teahouse

All-natural hand blended full leaf tea + CBD tea; based in Virginia

18. Black Girl Magic Wines

Exceptional wines made for exceptional women, based in Califonia

19. Brooklyn Tea

Sensational loose-leaf tea and tea room, based in New York

20. Davila Kafe

Haitian and Nicaraguan specialty coffee; based in DC

21. Ivy's Tea Co.

Eleavated herbal tea with hip-hop culture

22. Noonas Ice Cream

Asian American ice cream flavors; based in New York

23. Omsom

An Omsom starter is your pantry shortcut, combining all the sauces, aromatics, and seasonings you need to cook a specific Asian dish. Recipes are provided – just add protein + veggies! Based in New York

24. Ubelicious

Artisan crafted ube desserts; based in California

Black, Indigenous, and POC-Owned Small Businesses: Skincare

25. Base Butter

#1 moisturizer for oily, combo, and acne prone skin; based in New York

26. Golde

Products made of superfoods to effortlessly boost your daily routine, from morning smoothies to skincare; based in New York

27. Kaike

Plant-based skincare for melanin rich skin; based in Illinois

28. Nyakio Beauty

Clean and green skincare; based in California

29. The Honey Pot

1st female plant-based feminine care system on the market; based in Georgia

BIPOC-Owned Small Businesses: Arts And Crafts

30. Autumn Moons Studio

Stickers, prints, and handmade watercolor journals; based in New York

31. Billy Hawkins

Painter, prints; based in California

32. Cat Ceramics

Handmade ceramics; based in California

33. Ebony Design Edit

Fun wrapping paper, stationaries, and other gifts; based in California

34. Moodle Book

Photography and custom digital portraits; based in North Carolina

35. Jinjoojpeg

Traditional Asian culture to modern life experiences, prints; based in New York

36. Noonbit Studio

Line drawn sketches, stickers, phone grips, hats, and other gifts; based in Australia

37. Paper Panduh

Paper goods, stickers, and pens; based in California

38. Soft and Noisy

Handmade embroidery

BIPOC-Owned Small Businesses: Services

39. All Things Toni

Personal stylist; based in North Carolina

40. Chrystle Music

Piano and voice teacher; based in North Carolina

41. Creators And Company

Collaborative branding agency; based in North Carolina

Black, Indigenous, and POC-Owned Small Businesses: Bookstores

42. Cafe Con Libros

Brooklyn’s ONLY Feminist indie bookstore & coffee shop; based in New York

43. Hyphen Reads

Indigenously made literary goods

44. Palabras Bilingual Bookstore

Arizona’s only bilingual bookstore; based in Arizona

45. Semicolon Bookstore

Bookstore and gallery; based in Chicago

46. Red Planet Books and Comics

The only Native-owned comic shop on Planet Earth; based in New Mexico

47. The Lit Bar

Official bookstore of Wakanda & the Bronx; based in New York

Black Indigenous and POC-Owned Small Businesses: Home Decor

48. Clare Paint

Zero VOC paint, designer-curated colors & the best painting supplies; based in New York

49. Host And Home Shop

Minimalistic home décor goods

50. Maaari

Modern design home decor, rooted in consciousness and inspired by Philippine culture

Did this Black Indigenous and POC-Owned Small Businesses guide help? I plan on making more in the future, so keep on the lookout for another one.

I hope this helps in being more intentional about where we spend our money.

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