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Hi, my name is Gian. It’s like Ian with a G (ji-yen).

Welcome to Carryon Babe! In this page, I share a little glimpse of my life with you. 

My goal is to empower women to travel by being fearless and unapologetically themselves. 

Whether they are young, single, married, divorced, a mother, accomplished, a little lost, confused, and just trying to get through life, all are welcome here.

If you ever meet me or talk to me in person or virtually, I will probably manage to insert something about my love for traveling. I fiercely believe that traveling can improve and change anyone–especially women from all walks of life. 

I have moved over 50 times and have traveled to 34 countries in 5 continents. I do not know where I would be without the opportunities that I have had from traveling and the opportunities that I continue to create for myself. 

My first ever solo travel across the world was when I was 10 years old. It was a 15 hour flight from Japan to North Carolina. 

I can’t really pinpoint a time when I caught the travel bug, but it’s pretty much been the only constant throughout my life.

Thank you for visiting my Carryon Babe. Stay as long as you’d like.